About Me

Hello! Welcome!  I’m glad you are here!

Let me tell you a bit about who is writing to you. My name is Maria Millett.  I’m married, hubby is Dennis, and I birthed 5 humans into the world. We’ve been married for 31 years. We thank God for His keeping us together!

Within the last few years our family  has experienced birth & loss. Our oldest son passed away last year. We are still grieving his death. I’m sure that will come out in posts from time to time. We’ve  grown to include spouses to 3 of our adult children & 3 grandchildren. What fun! We TOTALLY love being grandparents!

I am now an empty-nester (have been for a few years, youngest son is 22) and in process for figuring out who I am & what my purpose is.  My faith is important to me, I am a Christ-follower.  I desire for that to have influence on all I do & say. It will definitely be a major part of my writing.

In the 31 years of marriage we have experienced the mix of good & tough times. Those tough times include financial struggles, MANY moves( I think we are up to about 18-19), addictions within the family, a house fire, medical issues, having family moving across country & more.  I understand tough times & would love to be a listening ear, if you find you need one.

I would love to see this blog be a place where you can receive encouragement & inspiration to carry on! I hope to be a gentle soul that listens well. I’d love for some good discussion to happen. My favorite topics are faith, simple living, minimalism, health & personal growth.

Hubby & I currently live in a RV travel trailer on the beautiful Fidalgo Bay in Washington state.  You’ll likely get to see pics from time to time.  We feel blessed to be living in such a pretty area & never tire of the water view!

I’m available for questions or comments at   maria@mariasmusings.org

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